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Hi everyone,

I’m Tuomo, originally from Oulu, Finland. I’ve just started as a DiXiT fellow and a PhD student at King’s College London.

Regarding my background, I have an MSc in Computer Science and Engineering and an MA in English Philology from the University of Oulu. During the last four years, my professional interests have revolved towards digital humanities and computational analyses, and more recently, towards digital scholarly editing.

My ESR2 placement is called document-centric editions. Within it, my research project aims to consider the impact of the availability of high quality digital facsimiles to both editors and to consumers of editions. In this sense, my work is situated on the western hemispheres of Patrick Sahle’s circular diagrams (presentation during MMSDA on 2nd May).

I used the initial presentation (DiXiT Camp 1 – ESR2 Presentation) on 27th April at Trinity College, Cambridge, to introduce myself, my interests, and what exactly was it that intrigued me to pursue this work—in doing that, the presentation focussed largely on the implicit encoding carrying meaning on a written page of text, access to which is facilitated by facsimiles.

You can follow the progress of the work here—albeit only intermittently—or get in touch by email.

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