oXygen frameworks part 2: add-ons


Vlad Țepeș or Vlad III Dracula, prince of Wallachia

In previous installment we have created an extension of TEI framework to pack TEI CE Toolbox into it. The next step is to pack it nicely and disseminate. The most convenient way, both for framework author and an end-user is oXygen’s add-on mechanism, so the procedure for users is exactly the same as they probably already use for the TEI framework itself (as described by James Cummings here).

OXygen documentation presents two ways of creating an add-on: manually or with Add-ons Packager plugin. The latter is quite fool-proof with 3 simple steps


Install Add-ons Packager plugin

  1. Install the Add-ons Packager plugin from http://www.oxygenxml.com/InstData/Addons/optional/updateSite.xml as described in the Installing Add-ons procedure.
  2. Restart Oxygen XML Editor. If the add-on is correctly installed, the Add-ons packager toolbar will appear.        ext-addontoolbar
  3. Invoke the Add-ons packager toolbar action and input the required information in the displayed dialog box. Press OK to complete the packaging process.

Package the framework as an add-on

As you can see the Sign Add-On box was left unchecked, this means your framework will be shipped without a digital certificate. If necessary such a certificate can be obtained from recognized Certification Authority and used in signing your add-on.

As a result of this procedure, you will have two files in the destination given in Save to field of the form above. First one is so called descriptor file, and the other the zip file with your packaged framework.


Descriptor file and zipped add-on file

To deploy an add-on, copy the ZIP file and the descriptor file to an HTTP server. The URL to this location serves as the Update Site URL. Of course, GitHub repo works perfectly well for this, the only thing to remember is to give raw version of descriptor file as the Update Site URL,

eg. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tuurma/oXygen/master/TEICEToolbox/framework/teicetoolbox.xml

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