Lunchtime Lecture in Graz, 7 July 2015

Next week, ESR 5 fellow Francisco Javier Álvarez-Carbajal will kick off a series of lunchtime lectures in Graz. It will focus on marking up charters.

Here’s the abstract of the presentation:

Diplomatics is a consolidated field in the study and edition of historical sources. In spite of having its own scientific vocabulary and dealing with legal sources there is not a TEI module nor any other standard covering specifically the encoding of diplomatic documents. Although there is a noticeable number of projects dealing with the diplomatic editions of charters, none has tried so far to export their encoding model to other sources in order to establish a standard. This multiplicity has lead to the current scenario of encoding fragmentation and loss of interchange ability among the created editions.

The Charters Encoding Initiative (CEI) has been the most solid (although unfortunately incomplete) attempt to achieve a standard and integrate it into TEI. Francisco Alvarez aims to continue the task initiated by CEI and to recover its original purpose of creating a TEI standard for the encoding of charters. He will present a case study: a TEI ODD designed for the encoding of a corpus of late medieval Castilian charters from the County of Luna. He will document how it is articulated with the framework provided by TEI, putting special attention in the encoding of charter metadata (dates, calendar, tradition, physical description, etc.), diplomatic discourse, and means of authentication.

And here more info in German if you happen to be in the area 🙂

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