..working on the launch of Fonte Gaia blog

We want to tell you about a beautiful thing that is going on at the University of Grenoble. Elena Pierazzo, Claire Mouraby, Anna Ingoglia and Filippo Fonio, with the collaborations of international scholars, are working on the launch of the Fontegaia project: a digital library, a blog and a peer-review journal devoted to Italian Studies.

The name Fonte Gaia calls to mind several things, from the gai saber of the troubadours to Nietzsche, or to a magnificent fountain in Siena; above all, it is a source (of knowledge) –fonte-, a cheerful one –gaia-.

We recently got back from a two-days of brainstorming, good French wine and fine company in Grenoble; during this meeting we defined the scientific and editorial guidelines of FontegaiaBlog. This project brings together international scholars,  collaborating on a digital platform. We have chosen to deal with the innovation that digital technologies introduce in the field of Italian studies. The approach is similar to the one of a THATcamp, an informal gathering, a collaborative un-conference, that produces an un-journal, i.e. FontegaiaBlog!

In the first posts you’ll find

  • reports on the Grenoble meeting
  • presentations of the bloggers
  • related projects (le projet EDITEF)
  • the first step of a trip which follows women and sources in literary texts.

The official launch is scheduled for September (with trumpets!). We already know that the bloggers will cover a large amount of topics: publications and reviews, cultural heritage institutions, special collections, art events, expositions, gender studies, digital resources and tools, born-digital literature, the Italian history of DH (informatica umanistica).

As said, a part from the Blog, there are other two components of the project. The digital library is sponsored by the Digital University Library of Grenoble 2 and 3; it collects in digital form Italian (or Italian related) materials in libraries around the world. It is now getting bigger thanks to the collaborations with other institutions.

Follow us on twitter and Facebook! .. the peer-review journal is coming soon!

Elena Spadini, Federico Caria

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