TEI Workshop: Coming soon to the University near you…

I’m now in Romania, at SyncRO, the company behind oXygen editor, headquarters doing reconnaissance for my upcoming secondment here. My thoughts today are nevertheless concentrated on following weeks as soon I’m going back to my home country to teach introductory workshop on TEI and related technologies together with my DiXiT supervisor James Cummings.

This is a very busy autumn for me and the main theme seems to be teaching and learning. Some say (and I very much agree) that the former is the best way to do the latter so in precisely this spirit I taught three sessions comprised of a talk and following practical exercise during the second DiXiT Camp in Graz:

  1. Transcription and Editorial Interventions  exercise
  2. An introduction to Critical Apparatus in the TEI exercise
  3. Encoding names and named entities exercise

It was a real pleasure to see the Camp students work so dedicatedly to grasp the principles of XML, XPath, quirks of oXygen editor and intricacies of TEI encoding and even greater one to see it immediately applied to participant’s own project and also constantly scrutinized, questioned and its feasibility for research evaluated. I really believe the Camp served to lower both real technical barriers that prevent scholars from adopting XML encoding and in particular TEI Guideline and also the perceived, mental barrier that sometimes can be even harder to cross. Hopefully such outreach events provide a solid base for participants to build upon.

In this spirit I am organizing a 3 day workshop in Warsaw, Poland (November 10-13 2014) to be hosted jointly by Faculty of Artes Liberales of the University of Warsaw and Centre for Digital Humanities of the Polish Academy of Science as a pre-conference event before the Respublica Litteraria in Action 3: New Sources – New Paths of Research. The workshop led by me and James Cummings aims to give a “foot-in-the-door” of the TEI world, covering the territory from introduction to XML and XPath to actual publishing of TEI encoded documents on the Web. Our goal is to keep it simple while really going cradle-to-the-grave path: from the first <TEI> tag to the functioning website.

The workshop is now fully booked, but we aim to publish teaching materials afterwards and further information can be found here.

Main gate of the University of Warsaw

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