Our awesomeness abounds: Creating the DiXiT poster for Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School

Our Poster.

Above you will find a link to the poster we will present at the Digital Humanities Oxford Summer School from 14-18 July. Envisioned by the lovely Magdalena Turska of Oxford, digitally compiled by the brave and ingenious Richard Hadden of Maynooth, and edited with the help of myself, hawk-eyed Merisa Martinez of Borås, kakapo-eyed Misha Broughton of Cologne, and pygmy owl-eyed Elli Bleeker of Antwerp,  we have tried to give some flavor of our research projects for the poster presentation reception.

I must say that we did struggle to get this thing together. With so many different people in different places, in can be hard to collaborate, but I would say that the force of Facebook is strong with this group, and Richard‘s hard work paid off well: Our poster really reflects our diversity and our sense of humor. I’ve been to many conferences where I walk past posters and nothing really grabs me. I don’t feel connected to the people, and by extension, I don’t feel connected to their work. As I said to Richard today, the reason people from outside the academy don’t engage with us is because they find our work too abstruse: by focusing on our personal DiXiT brand and injecting a little humor into the proceedings, we can stand out from the crowd and still gain some attention. I’ll be standing next to the poster, along with the fabulous Elena Spadini and Magdalena, so if we get any negative comments about it, I’m ready to take them on.

Here’s hoping the Brits approve of our subtle cheekiness!

Merisa Martinez

Originally from Seattle, Washington, I moved to Sweden and am now a Doctoral Candidate at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science at the University of Borås. My research interests include textual editing, digital preservation, the relationship between memory and identity, and manuscript genetics.

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