Good things take time

About six months ago when my DiXiT adventure has just started, I posted a short description about my project on this blog. Quite some time has passed since, at least it feels like a lot of time, and during summer and autumn I have significantly developed my ideas how the fellowship should be designed. This phase of shaping my PhD plans was pretty intensive; sometimes it felt like taking a step forward and two steps back.  However, now I am very happy how everything worked out and I succeeded to combine both the DiXiT requirements for my position and my personal research interests.

Update ESR4 – Palaeography and digital scholarly editions [post has been updated 26/1/2015]:

Writing and typography in the lyrical work of Stefan George

Building a transcription model to capture graphical information in a digital scholarly edition

The aim of my fellowship is the development of a transcription model that allows for enhanced paleographical and typographical studies within the context of a digital scholarly edition. The project focuses mainly on writing in prints, hence typography (both on micro- and macro-level), but also examines particularities of cursive and block-letter handwriting. As a result, a model will be developed which is adaptable to different types and styles of writing and allows the identification, description, comparison and citation of them.

Subject matter

Stefan_George_1910_Foto_Jacob_Hilsdorf_bwThe subject matter of the study will be the lyrical work of the German poet Stefan George (1868-1933). George has engaged with script in exceptional ways: from 1897 on he almost completely abandoned his cursive handwriting, using instead highly stylized block letters. The members of the George-circle, the intellectual group around the author, were expected to apply the same writing style in order to strengthen the circle’s identity. As a result, the numerous correspondences and drafts transmitted in this so-called Stilschrift cannot always be clearly assigned to a specific scribe.

From 1904 on, George applied a specific typeface to his printed publications as well: the 3rd edition of ‘Das Jahr der Seele‘ was the first volume in the so called St.-G.-typeface, which emerged when the German dispute between Antiqua and black letter (Fraktur) typefaces was in full swing. Accordingly, St.-G. forms a third, alternative typeface class inspired by modern Grotesk typefaces but also showing features of ancient Roman and Carolingian scripts. Until 1927 this particular typeface has been modified several times with the result that there is not a single definitive, the one St.-G.-typeface, but various versions of it.

Current research

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