Federico Caria: Cultural representation and user requirements (ESR 12)

Hello everybody,

I am Federico Caria, from Rome, Italy. I have just started my DiXiT fellow job at the Digilab, University of Rome La Sapienza, under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Ciotti, and will be soon enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Cologne.

My background is classical – I have a degree in classical philology with a thesis on the history of classics and computers (2010); then I traveled between USA (The Italian Cultural Institute of San Francisco, the Old Mint, San Francisco) and Europe (The CICUS – Centro de Actividades Culturales de la Universidad de Sevilla), working in the arts/museum sector.

Here is a summary of my project plan: I will be focusing on discussing principles and practices of critical editing from the point of view of Cultural Studies. Through this approach, I intend to focus on the processional aspect of the textual tradition, and elaborate solutions for the digital representation of textual variation/instability. Thus, I will be primarily involved in developing theories and techniques in the field of HCI, in order to find alternative solutions for displaying apparatus and variants representation.

The research will be based on case studies, chosen from a variety of resources and literatures, in order to cover more than one aspect of this complex phenomenon. In addition, the tools development phase will be carried out based upon the users’ feedback, resulting from interviews to scholars representative of different cultural backgrounds, Much attention will be dedicated to cultural diversity, in order to enrich the debate on standards and preservation.

I hope my work will contribute to the further development of Ecdosis, an open source platform designed to showcase the first edition produced with AustESE the tools



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